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Other [25446] - Cannot reproduce / software bug

Added by Skobbler, 25 May 2010 20:42:43


Bug ID: 25446

Type: Other

Status: Closed (non reproducible / software bug)

Relevance: Mid-High

Date: 25 May 2010 20:42:43

Address: Glenn Ranch Rd, Lake Forest, California, USA

Latitude: 33.67265

Longitude: -117.6473

Gps source: internal

Phone model: iPhone 2.1.1

Route profile: fastest

Route mode: car


I was always one turn ahead before the route updated but possibly due to 3G coverage.

27 Jun 2012 21:35:23

"I don't know whose doing the math here but to suggest maeamngent fees that haven't been raised since the program and can only be reimbursed once on each case no matter how complicated have somehow exceeded the cost of providing mammos and paps is rediculous.How much does one case of late phase breast cancer for and uninsured patient cost the state? The family? The woman? These people need to get their math and their priorities straight!"

7 Mar 2011 07:05:20

"Your issue has been forwarded to the developers."

2 Mar 2011 01:06:47

"Skobbler, not ISM issue. Close?"




Reopen bug

This bug could not be reproduced or it is a software bug.