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Other [142061] - Cannot reproduce / software bug

Added by Skobbler, 10 Feb 2011 13:12:14


Bug ID: 142061

Type: Other

Status: Closed (non reproducible / software bug)

Relevance: Mid-High

Date: 10 Feb 2011 13:12:14

Address: Southdale Dr, England, Great Britain

Latitude: 52.96361

Longitude: -1.0937

Gps source: internal

Phone model: iPhone 3.0.2

Route profile: fastest

Route mode: car


sideways view

5 Dec 2015 09:42:15

"Thank you very much for your report! As this bug is open (or last updated) for four years (not later than 31.12.2011), I have decided to close this issue. There are too many open reports on MapDust which are already outdated. This error is most probably fixed already or is too difficult to reproduce or validate. If the problem is still existing, I kindly ask to reopen, do a new report or use the OSM Notes. Please give as detailed information as possible in order to help the OSM volunteers."

10 Feb 2011 14:19:52

"There's at least one street missing near here, but what on earth does "sideways view" mean?"




  • - Proposed route - start
  • - Proposed route - end
  • - Actual route - start
  • - Actual route - end
  • - Rerouting – start
  • - Rerouting – end
  • - Advice
The proposed route is displayed.
You can alter the route by dragging and dropping points A and B in the map.

Reopen bug

This bug could not be reproduced or it is a software bug.